Lincoln Club of Orange County

Lincoln Club of Orange County endorses re-election of Harry Sidhu for mayor of Anaheim

February 24 – The Lincoln Club of Orange County, California’s top conservative donor organization, announced its endorsement of Harry Sidhu in his reelection to mayor of Anaheim.

A mover and shaker who keeps conservative values at the forefront of his decisions, Mayor Sidhu formerly served on Anaheim City Council from 2004-2012 and was Mayor Pro Tempore from 2009-2012 until he became Anaheim’s 46th Mayor in 2018.

Lincoln Club of Orange County President Teresa Hernandez issued the following statement:

Without a doubt, Mayor Sidhu has ushered in an era of prosperity and growth for the city of Anaheim.

A true embodiment of the American dream, having been born in India and risen to influence as Anaheim’s first Sikh mayor, Mayor Sidhu showcases his sharp business skills in how he expertly balances smart population growth with a thoughtful approach to creating new jobs, all without sacrificing Southern California’s unique character.

He really impressed us as an effective leader during a difficult crisis, helping the city of Anaheim and its residents adapt no matter what Newsom threw his way. I have full faith that he will continue to be a brilliant leader for Anaheim, the backbone of Orange County’s strong economy, especially now that local commerce is ramping back up.

The article above was released by the Lincoln Club of Orange County.

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  1. Except for the sweetheart of selling Angel Stadium in a backroom deal.
    Who knows what other things have gone on that we don’t know about.

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