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Democratic Party of Orange County endorses Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento for Board of Supervisors District 2

The Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) announced their endorsement of Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento for Orange County Board of Supervisors District 2 today. Sarmiento, a former City Councilmember, attorney, and business owner, won the Party’s endorsement with well-over two-thirds of the votes.

“The Democratic Party of Orange County is proud to endorse Mayor Sarmiento in the race for the Orange County Board of Supervisors District 2,” DPOC Chairwoman Ada Briceño said. “Under Mayor Sarmiento’s leadership, Santa Ana has made major advancements on fundamental Democratic Party issues, including creating a hazard/hero pay program for frontline essential workers and increasing the supply of affordable housing. Mayor Sarmiento also championed funding for a universal legal defense fund that provides free legal counsel to undocumented families facing deportation and established rent control and tenant protections for working families. Mayor Sarmiento is the passionate, principled, and results-oriented leader the communities of Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Anaheim, and Orange deserve to represent them on the Board of Supervisors.”

Sarmiento was elected as Santa Ana’s second Latino mayor and the United States’ first Bolivian mayor in 2020. If elected to the Board of Supervisors’ newly-drawn Latino-majority district, Sarmiento would only be the third Latino supervisor in county history. He would also be the first Santa Ana official to serve on the Orange County Board of Supervisors in 74 years.

“It is a true honor to receive the Democratic Party of Orange County endorsement for the Board of Supervisors,” Mayor Sarmiento said. “I am so proud of the progress Orange County Democrats continue to make in our communities despite tremendous obstacles. I look forward to continuing to work alongside the Party to provide housing and wraparound services to community members experiencing homelessness, to increase open space, to prioritize public health, to uplift working families, and to promote government transparency.”

The Democratic Party of Orange County represents more than half a million registered Democrats in Orange County, California. In 2019, under the Party’s leadership, Orange County’s voter roll flipped from a Republican majority to a Democratic majority. DPOC has also helped flip countless local and state seats blue and increased the diversity of political candidates and elected officials in Orange County.

In addition to earning the Democratic Party of Orange County’s endorsement, Mayor Sarmiento has also received the endorsements of the Orange County Labor Federation, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324, Planned Parenthood, Supervisor Katrina Foley, Santa Ana City Councilmember Johnathan Ryan Hernandez, and Santa Ana City Councilmember Jessie Lopez.

This article was released by the Sarmiento for Supervisor.

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  1. Does the Democratic Party of Orange County know that Mayor Sarmiento knew of a sexual assault of two juvenile females and did nothing to hold these Police Department employees accountable? I would like Mayor Sarmiento to answer the question: why have you allowed David Valentin to cover up a sexual assault of two juvenile females by his MET Detectives? Can you please address incident # 200805316 from August 09, 2020? There is a PRA Request response that released the audio recordings for the 911 calls on the city website under PRA Request 21-1691. Why did you not forward the investigation to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for review? Is it because the sexual assault of these juvenile females involved Sergeant Oscar Lizardi and his MET team? Were they placed on administrative leave during this investigation? If not, why would you allow department personnel accused by community members of sexually assaulting children to continue to work and interact with the public? It is interesting that Councilman Hernandez’ friend is the person who made the PRA request and he is aware of the incident; yet he endorsed Mayor Sarmiento for County Board of Supervisors. Is Councilman Hernandez also involved in this cover up? Please answer these critical question: remember COMMUNITY FIRST!

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