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Republican Assembly Leader James Gallagher endorses Nathan Hochman for Attorney General

Republican State Assembly Leader James Gallagher announced his endorsement of former US Assistant Attorney General Nathan Hochman (@NathanHochmanAG) for California Attorney General.

“The very policies Rob Bonta championed in the legislature have led to the terrible crime wave we are now experiencing. It’s simple: when there is no accountability for crime, the criminals run rampant. It’s time for a new leader to bring stability to California’s top law enforcement position, and Nathan Hochman is the right man for the job,” Gallagher said. “During the course of his incredible legal career, Nathan has made a reputation for standing up for victims’ rights, vociferously backing strong law and order policies, and punishing violent offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Nathan has the qualifications and capabilities to faithfully carry out the responsibilities of the Attorney General for all Californians.”

Hochman has served as an Assistant US Attorney for the Central District of California and as a US Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice. Hochman has also worked as a civil litigator, defense and appellate attorney, and general counsel, and clerked for a US District Court Judge. His years of community involvement include membership on numerous charitable boards and serving as President of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Leader Gallagher, who has been doing fantastic work in the State Assembly,” Hochman said. “I have no doubt that with his new leadership position, he will work with his colleagues to bring about necessary change to our state. I look forward to working with him and the legislature when I am Attorney General.”

Since announcing his run for California Attorney General, Hochman has raised over $1.5 million and secured the endorsement of numerous public officials from across the state, making him the leading Republican challenger to incumbent Attorney General Rob Bonta.

This article was released by Nathan Hochman for Attorney General 2022.