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New water conservation rules take effect

Despite a very wet December, January was one of the driest months on record in California (and February was not much better), and has the state once again facing a serious drought.

California water regulators have issued new rules to reduce the wasting of water statewide, including in Lakewood.

The following practices that waste water are now prohibited across California:

  • Hosing off sidewalks, driveways and other hardscapes.
  • Washing a motor vehicle with a hose, unless the hose is fitted with a shut-off nozzle.
  • Operating a fountain or decorative water feature, unless the water is part of a recirculating system.
  • Watering outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes excess runoff, or within 48 hours following measurable precipitation (0.25 inches or more).

In addition, Californians are urged to voluntarily do all they can to reduce water use by at least 15%.

While Lakewood has adequate water supplies currently, reducing our local use will extend the life of our water supply.

If you haven’t already done so, consider signing up to the city’s online portal to view your water bill, track your usage and receive leak alerts at www.lakewoodcity.org/UtilityBill.

Learn about rebates for water-efficient devices and thirsty turf removal, and get more water-saving tips at www.lakewoodcity.org/WaterConservation.

This article was released by the City of Lakewood.