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Law enforcement leaders endorse Lisa Bartlett for Congress

Former Orange County Sheriff Brad Gates and retired Police Chief Paul Walters announced their support for County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett and her campaign for California’s 49th Congressional District.

“Lisa has a strong track record of advancing public policy that ensures the safety of her residents,” said former Orange County Sheriff Brad Gates. “Whether it was funding the development of a state-of-the-art DNA lab to solve crimes or supporting law enforcement officers by ensuring they have the training and resources they need in the field, Lisa Bartlett has demonstrated her strong commitment to our safety, especially at a time when our public safety is under attack. She will bring that dedication to public safety to the House of Representatives, where it is sorely needed.”

“Lisa Bartlett has been a champion for public safety her entire career in public service,” said former Police Chief Paul Walters. “Lisa has always put law enforcement and the safety of our communities first. As a Mayor and County Supervisor, Lisa has consistently prioritized public safety budgets and supported millions of dollars in funding for law enforcement, ensuring they have the resources they need to protect the community. In a time when woke agendas have devastated communities and caused rising crime rates, Lisa has proven her dedication to protecting Orange and San Diego Counties.”

“I am truly grateful to have the support of these two highly respected and regarded law enforcement legends,” Bartlett said. “To me, public safety is the reason I first got into public office, and it is the reason I am running for Congress. An elected official’s number one responsibility is protecting the lives and property of the people they represent.”

Brad Gates served as the elected Sheriff-Coroner for the County of Orange for twenty-four years from 1975 through 1998. Paul Walters served as Chief of Police in Santa Ana, California, from 1988 to 2013, making him the longest-serving chief in a major city in modern U.S. history. He is internationally regarded for pioneering community policing.

This article was released by Lisa Bartlett for Congress 2022.