featured graphic for campaign by Suzie Price for mayor of Long Beach CA

Dr. Nooshin Valizadeh endorses Suzie Price for Mayor

Dr. Nooshin Valizadeh announced her endorsement of City Councilwoman Suzie Price for Long Beach City Mayor.

The endorsement comes on the heels of Price being endorsed by the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 47, Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell, State Senator Tom Umberg, and California State Controller Betty Yee. Price recently reported raising $350,000 in just eight weeks, highlighting the strength and enthusiasm in her broad coalition of support.

“I proudly endorse Suzie Price for Mayor of Long Beach,” says Valizadeh. “I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand how accessible she is when concerns are shared, and how proactive she is in resolutions that bring people with differing viewpoints closer together rather than further apart. I have no doubt in my mind that this work ethic and genuine care for our community will extend to greater Long Beach. Many of the communities that make Long Beach special aren’t always shown in the larger narrative – our immigrant communities, our mothers of color, our people of minoritized faiths, and more. Suzie will not only represent us, but she will amplify our voices. She will listen, she will learn, she will grow, and most importantly, she will serve. Good leaders lead people, but the best leaders do so with the people. And that is why I am certain Suzie Price is the best choice for our city!”

Dr. Nooshin Valizadeh is a certified, trauma-informed equity and inclusion expert, social justice activist and published author with specialization in race and gender equity in professional and academic settings. While her impact grew in academia, her work expanded into local communities to create opportunities for change. She employs an intersectional approach towards fostering brave and inclusive spaces, and coaches community groups along with leaders of corporations, nonprofits, school districts and higher education institutions. Her published book, WOMXN, uses poetry to promote social justice and was just released in June of 2021. Dr. Valizadeh’s passion lies in inspiring others to use the light they have within and create the impact they were designed to make in this world.

“I am honored to have Dr. Nooshin’s endorsement in this Mayoral election,” says Price. “Dr. Nooshin is an incredible leader in our Long Beach community, serving as a social justice activist and making strides in the academic field through her published works. Like me, she is a proud immigrant and I am grateful she entrusts me to be a voice for citizens like us in our community. Thank you Dr. Nooshin for your trust in my leadership.”

This article was released by Suzie Price for Mayor 2022.