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Letter to the Editor: Cypress City Councilmembers should be thanked for fighting districting lawsuit

Dear Editor:

As a Cypress resident (with my husband) since 1978, I want to thank Councilmembers Mayor Morales, Mayor Pro Tem Hertz-Mallari, Councilman Minikus, and Councilman Jon Peat for voting to FIGHT the ridiculous districting lawsuit.

Changing voting from citywide to district would permanently alter Cypress’ amazing success. Instead of being one successful city, we would become five mini cities with each councilmember primarily focusing on his or her mini city. Districting is a recipe for disaster, and makes you wonder why anyone would want to push the city toward disaster. If an outside group is intent on ruining our city government, districting is the way to do this.

As I have shared with many people, our small city offers large amenities and has maintained its outstanding financial posture during difficult times. So why does councilmember Marquez want to destroy Cypress’ success? Speaking of success, of 34 Orange County cities, it is amazing that in 2021 Cypress was again named the most financially secure city. Like most Cypress residents, I shop and eat in neighboring communities, but most purchases are in Cypress because we have maintained a low sales tax compared to surrounding cities. When out-of-area friends visit, they are always impressed with the corporations that line Katella Avenue and I share that Cypress is very business-friendly. For example, we do not have a utility users’ tax.

Again, thank you to Councilmembers Morales, Hertz-Mallari, Minikus, and Peat for the 4:1 vote to fight the districting lawsuit.

Robin Itzler