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Correction of Cypress Councilmember Frances Marquez for refusing to sign Civility, Conduct and Governance Policy and Code of Ethics

Development of the Civility, Conduct and Governance Policy and Code of Ethics was at the request of Councilmember Frances Marquez and supported by Mayor Pro Tem Anne Hertz-Mallari. It was adopted on a 4 to 1 vote with Councilmember Marquez voting against. She had since refused to sign the policy by the March 8 deadline.

Councilmember Marquez declined to be specific about how the policy could be changed to allow her to sign it.

Mayor Pro Tem Hertz-Mallari reviewed the policy’s history.

Councilmember Marquez turned in a signed copy of the policy, and requested two minutes to speak. She stated that she had amended the turned-in copy to make it acceptable. Because she signed the amended policy, no correction was needed.

Mayor Pro Tem Hertz-Mallari noted that the policy will be reviewed annually during the first part of each calendar year.

City Manager Pete Grant noted that the next review would be after the seating of the new Council after the November election.