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Secretary of State forces Brian Maryott to change misleading ballot designation following Bartlett complaint

Following a recent complaint filed by Orange County Supervisor, businesswoman, and candidate for California’s 49th Congressional District Lisa Bartlett, the Secretary of State has forced Brian Maryott to change his misleading ballot designation that erroneously claimed he is a practicing Certified Financial Planner.

A ballot designation must reflect a current occupation. However, according to public records and Maryott himself, Maryott has not practiced as a Certified Financial Planner since 2018, he has no listed income, no business license, and is not licensed with FINRA as required to legally trade securities or give financial advice.

Notably, Maryott’s false claim is a central theme to his campaign. He has boasted about his false and misleading ballot designation in his campaign materials, official ballot statement, and to anyone who will listen.

Maryott’s new ballot designation – businessman/nonprofit executive – is equally unsupported by public records and Maryott’s own disclosures, which do not reflect him having a job or earning income.

The Lisa Bartlett for Congress campaign released the following statement in reaction to these latest developments:

“The decision by the Secretary of State to force Brian Maryott to change his ballot designation only further confirms what we already knew – Maryott is deliberately misleading voters and pretending to be someone he’s not. In reality, Maryott has no job and is nothing more than a perennial candidate who has already been rejected by voters in the 49th district, twice. Maryott finished in 8th place in 2018 and only advanced to a run-off in 2020 because there were no other candidates on the ballot. He went on to lose in a landslide. Maryott must be exposed before he blows another opportunity to defeat Mike Levin; otherwise, we risk wasting this chance to get our country back on track.” – The Lisa Bartlett for Congress campaign

This article was released by Lisa Bartlett for Congress 2022.