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Cypress summer concerts to be back on the green again for 2022

The City of Cypress’s Strategic Plan includes a review of the previous year’s Concerts on the Green and how to move forward with the event this year. Pandemic restrictions forced the Concerts out of the Civic Center Green and into a drive-in format at Cypress College during the summer of 2020. A similar format was expected to occur in 2021, but pandemic restrictions were eased in June of that year, allowing the concerts to return to the Green.

A number of adjustments were made in 2021, however, including changing the days from Saturdays to Fridays, and including food trucks to provide refreshments. The Recreation and Community Services Commission received feedback from attendees and formed a number of recommendations:

  • Continue the Concerts on the Green at their current location at the Cypress Civic Center, due to its accessibility, parking, seating, and available restrooms
  • Make use of both food trucks and non-profit organizations to provide food options to patrons at the events, with the non-profits supplying at concerts sponsored by the Friends of Cypress Cultural Arts (FOCCA) and the food trucks those sponsored by Cypress Recreation and Community Services
  • Hold the 2022 Concerts on the Green on Friday evenings so as to not compete with similar events on Saturdays in neighboring communities such as La Palma and Los Alamitos
  • Produce a total of eight Concerts on the Green in 2022, with five hosted by Recreation and Community Services (including the special Salute to America event on July 1 at Cypress College) and three hosted by FOCCA
  • Explore options for a drop-off zone to increase accessibility and available parking
  • Develop a survey for patrons of the 2022 Concerts on the Green to find additional improvements for the future

The Cypress City Council unanimously approved the recommendations at the February 28, 2022, Council meeting.

The current schedule for the upcoming 2022 Concerts on the Green will feature events on Fridays starting June 24 through August 12.