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Lestonnac Free Clinic’s vehicle vandalized

On Friday April 1st, 2022 Lestonnac Free Clinic’s mobile clinic transport truck had its catalytic converter stolen. All at Lestonnac are saddened by the thought that individuals in our community would commit such acts. The vehicle mentioned is indispensable in providing care to low-income and uninsured community members through Lestonnac’s mobile clinic program.

As a community, it is crucial that we come together to help those most vulnerable during the current and future challenges. This has always been the goal of Lestonnac Free Clinic. With the growing needs of the community Lestonnac has developed mobile clinic
strategies in order to reach communities that would have difficulty driving long distances for care.

Our mobile care services are provided at health fair events, which are spread out across Southern California and in the communities that need it most. In order to reach these distances with all the equipment required, Lestonnac maintains vehicles to assist in this transportation. This vandalism has immobilized one of our most valuable trucks. With a community event only 9 days away, Lestonnac is dedicated to not allowing this small misfortune to delay care to our community.

We are grateful for the quick response by the Orange County Police Department and hope those responsible will quickly be brought to justice.

Lestonnac Free Clinic’s mission is to provide high-quality healthcare for the uninsured and economically vulnerable residents in our community. Our mission, especially now, is only made possible through the support of our generous volunteers and donors.

To view a statement made by Lestonnac’s Executive Director Edward Gerber see below:


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