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JFTB honored by National Guard Bureau for 2021 Environmental Quality initiative

Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB) has once again been formally recognized for its environmental initiatives by the National Guard Bureau (NGB). The base has been honored as the second-place recipient of the “Environmental Quality – Non-Industrial Installation” 2021 Army National Guard Environmental Security Award.

During the past two years, JFTB’s Environmental Quality (EQ) Program Team has been challenged with disposing a large quantity of paint that had been inadvertently stockpiled and stored long past its expiration date.

Rather than simply dispose of this material—which would have represented a significant spike in hazardous waste— the EQ team took the initiative to develop new partnerships with local commercial paint suppliers to recycle the material. In total, 1.29 metric tons of paint was diverted from the waste stream for recycling into new product.

Through implementation of this initiative, JFTB leadership proactively addressed a serious environmental challenge and saved the installation significant paint disposal costs—as well as significantly mitigating risk and potential environmental compliance issues.

Other NGB environmental awards earned by the installation in recent years include recognition for its Los Alamitos Army Airfield bird strike prevention initiative, remediation of a fuel plume beneath the JFTB Military Veterans Resource Center and renovation of airfield storm water retention structures.

For additional information, please contact Col. (CA) Richard Lalor at (562) 795-2096 or via email at [email protected], or Staff Sgt. Crystal Housman at (805) 458-3825 or via email at [email protected]

This article was released by the Joint Forces Training Base.