Electronic rock band joins this year’s Heartbeat of Mexico festival

Hailing from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Kinky is a Grammy Award-winning five-piece band with a distinct electronic sound with hints of rock and funk influences.

Originally a trio composed of vocalist/guitarist Gilberto Cerezo, keyboardist/programmer Ulises Lozano, and guitarist Carlos Chairez, they were soon joined by drummer Omar Gongora and bassist Cesar Pliego.

The alternative group has come a long way since winning the Battle of the Bands at the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York in 2000. Soon after their Battle of the Bands success, they were signed to the London-based Sonic360 label group and recorded their self-titled debut album.

Known for their energetic live shows as much as their recordings, Kinky has fans around the world. Their unique genre-blending and lively performance style led the London Metro to praise them for their “demented fusion of funky guitar licks, electronic beats, housey grooves, and stomping electro-rock.

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This article was released by the Musco Center for the Arts.