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OCTA ends mask requirement aboard OC Bus; CDC still recommends mask wearing on transit

The Orange County Transportation Authority no longer requires that face masks be worn on OC Bus effective immediately.

Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention masks are still recommended to be worn while riding public transit to help slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), but they are not required.

The action is in accordance with guidance from the CDC, which ended the mask mandate following a federal judge’s ruling in Florida on Monday to void the nationwide mandate.

As a result of that ruling, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also announced it will not enforce mask-related directives.

Since early in the COVID-19 pandemic, OCTA has followed federal guidance to require face masks aboard its buses to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Electronic signs on all OC Buses have read “No Mask – No Ride.” And throughout the pandemic, OCTA has updated its practices as state and federal guidance as directives were updated to help protect public health.

Keeping a strong emphasis on the health and safety of passengers and employees, OCTA also installed hand-sanitizer stations on board every OC Bus and made face masks available for passengers who needed them. To date, more than 2 million masks have been distributed throughout Orange County on OC Buses.

OCTA thanks bus passengers for following the guidance and remaining flexible. OCTA will continue to monitor guidance and directives from the CDC and the Federal Transit Administration and adjust as necessary.

This article was released by the Orange County Transportation Authority.