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Lieutenant Commander Steven C. Vargas condemns fellow Lieutenant Commander Jay Chen’s racist remarks

Lieutenant Commander Steven C. Vargas condemned racist remarks by Congressional candidate Jay Chen. Chen recently attacked Congresswoman Michelle Steel for her accent, claiming that “you kind of need an interpreter to understand exactly what she’s saying” and “the more she speaks the better for us” while referring to his congressional campaign.

Vargas reacted strongly to these remarks, stating, “I’m disappointed by the hurtful comments from perennial candidate Jay Chen mocking the accent of US Representative Michelle Steel, who has been an inspirational leader in our immigrant community and a strong supporter of our US military.”

He continued, “As a fellow Navy Reserve Lieutenant Commander, I expect more from candidate Chen who routinely highlights his standing as a Navy Reserve officer. We are expected to be an Officer and Gentleman at all times – not just one weekend per month. By belittling a sitting congresswoman for her accent, he disrespects all citizens who put her in office, and he is not in keeping with his oath as a military officer.”

Vargas concluded, “Our hard-working immigrant families, who may also have accents, stand together to condemn the immature and arrogant comments from candidate Chen. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard if we wish to lead all citizens within our district boundaries.”

Lieutenant Commander/Councilman Steven Vargas is running for Orange County Supervisor in the 4th District, which has 32.8% Hispanic and 19.1% Asian-American voter registration. Dedicated to service, Councilman Vargas joined the United States Navy Reserve after 9/11, deploying five times, including a tour of duty in Iraq. He continues to serve our country as a Lieutenant Commander. A two-time Mayor of Brea, he is currently a member of the Brea City Council.

An alumnus of Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton who went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Technology, Vargas returned to Orange County after his first enlistment in the US Navy as a Submariner and Navy Diver. In addition to his service in the military and in local government, Vargas has 31 years of private sector experience. Steve has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 28 years, and they have five daughters.

To learn more about Steve and his campaign, please visit www.Vargas4Supervisor.com.

Use of military rank and job titles does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

This article was released by Vargas for Supervisor 2022.