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Congresswoman Michelle Steel: My accent is my story

Last week, my opponent decided to attack my accent, telling a crowd of people he needs a translator to understand my English.

These racist comments hit hard, not just to me, but to an entire immigrant community who proudly speaks English after coming to America in search of their own American Dream.

My accent tells a story – the story of immigrants, the story of freedom, and the story of the American Dream. I will not let racist attacks silence me. I love America, and I will fight for it everyday.

I am thankful our community came together to call out Jay Chen for his racism and show him that we expect more from our leaders, especially one who is the child of immigrants himself. While he refuses to apologize, the message is clear: we can do better and we must.

I will continue to work hard in Congress to protect the Asian-American community, and all Americans who come to this country in hopes of a better future.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. The translation needed for Ms Steel has nothing to do with an accent. It is a translation from her political speak to reality. Like taking credit for getting funding for coastal projects, then we discover that the legislation that provided that funding was voted No by Ms. Steel since the legislation was proposed by Democrats and Ms. Steel’s party bosses told her to No vote the bill. Ms Steel’s actions as a OC Supervisor were counterproductive to resolving the Covid pandemic by her constant denigration of the OC Health Dept and their leadership. Steel is just another Republican who whines about being a victim but likes to take a shot at others when she can pander to her MAGA base.

  2. It’s regrettable that Rep Michelle Steel endures racist slurs and tropes. No one should be the target of such hate and bigotry. It’s unacceptable.

    Those of us in the LGBTQ community understand how Rep Steel feels which is also why I find Rep Steel’s commentary ironic.

    Rep Steel, her husband Shawn & their pastor Joe Pedick are infamous for their LGBTQ tropes; their hateful attacks on the LGBTQ community; their use of LGBTQ to get laughs; and in some cases the way they have targeted hate speak toward specific LGBTQ individuals like Assistant HHS Secretary Rachel Levine. It’s hurtful. It’s shameful. And it’s the kind of rhetoric that contributes to LGBTQ suicides.

    Rep Steel should use this incident to take a hard look at herself in the mirror.

    Maybe, in the future she’ll check her own words and when she hears such speak coming from Shawn or Pastor Pedick, she’ll stand up to them and tell them to stop.

    Rep Steel, you chose politics and as such you’re a role model. Do better.

    As my mother used to say, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

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