featured graphic for the campaign of Mark Meuser for US Senate

California Republican Party endorses Mark Meuser for US Senate

At this weekend’s California Republican Party Convention, Mark Meuser received the state party’s endorsement in his campaign to unseat US Senator Alex Padilla.

“I’m honored to have the support of the California Republican Party in my efforts to end the one-party rule in this state,” said Mark Meuser. “Alex Padilla is an appointed puppet of Gavin Newsom who was placed in this role to continue the abysmal track record that Kamala Harris had in the Senate before becoming Vice President. He carries out the will of special interests and the Democrat machine in Washington and Sacramento, not the interests of the voters. The people of California deserve better, and as their next US Senator, I will give them the representation they deserve.”

Mark Meuser is the leading Republican candidate for California’s US Senate Seat. Amongst his Republican opponents, Mark has the most name ID, has raised the most money according to FEC reports, and has spent the most time travelling the state talking to voters. In addition, Mark has 47% favorability with Democrats according to a recent poll.

About Mark:
Mark Meuser is a native Californian with a proven record of fighting for your constitutional rights. He joined the Dhillon Law Group where he has focused on Election, Political and Constitutional Law. Meuser has had the privilege of protecting critical First Amendment rights and as well as unconstitutional usurpation of power as a result of COVID-19 by Governor Gavin Newsom and election integrity when California tried to remove President Trump’s name from the primary ballot by unconstitutionally changing the qualifications to run for President.

This article was released by Mark Meuser for United States Senate.