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Letter to the Editor: Housing Element update will destroy open spaces in Cypress

Dear Editor:

I just read the “Cypress Specific Plan and Zoning Ordinance Amendments to Implement the Housing Element.” That’s government-speak for how to ruin a nice working- and middle-class neighborhood so that it loses much of the reason people moved here in the first place.

As a West Orange County resident since 1964, first in Los Alamitos and since 2000 in Cypress, I have watched various city councils approve building on almost every inch of space. Driving down Lincoln Avenue (from Bloomfield Avenue to Valley View Street), it is impossible to find even a few feet of grass. It’s almost like driving in downtown Los Angeles!

Cypress was once known for being a family community. Let’s not allow the complete destruction of our fine city.

The official response would be is that this is state mandated. If the Cypress City Council is willing to push back against a lawsuit mandating that we break the city into districts, it should be willing to push back against destroying the city’s few remaining open spaces. Let’s keep Cypress a family community!


Theresa Sherrin
Cypress, CA