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Cypress posts Public Hearing notice for changes to municipal code related to housing density, accessibility

The City of Cypress has posted a Notice of Public Hearing to consider amending the following sections of Appendix I of the Cypress Muncipal Code and finding the action is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act:

  1.  Repealing Section 12 (“Density Bonus”) and replacing it with a new Section 12 (“Density Bonus”) to comply with current State density bonus regulations (Government Code Sections 65915-65918); and
  2. Repealing Subsection 3.17.200 (“Second dwelling units”) and replacing it with a new Subsection 3.17.200 (“Accessory dwelling units”) to comply with Government Code Sections 65852.2 and 65852.22; and
  3. Creating a new Subsection 4.19.100 (“Reasonable Accommodation”) and amending Subsection 4.18.040 to establish procedures to request reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities seeking equal access to housing under the Federal Fair Housing Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act; and
  4. Amending Section 31 (“Definitions”) to delete outdated definitions and add new definitions related to density bonus and accessory dwelling units.

This Public Hearing will be considered at the regular meeting of the Cypress City Council on May 23, 2022. To read this notice and other notices, click here.

This information was released by the City of Cypress.