featured graphic for California Assembly District 72 represented by Janet Nguyen after COVID-19

Assemblymember Janet Nguyen’s ACR 115, recognizing May as Older Americans Month, passes Assembly Floor

Assemblymember Janet Nguyen’s bill, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 115 (ACR 115), recognizing May as Older Americans Month unanimously passed the Assembly during Monday’s Floor Session. ACR 115 encourages all Californians to recognize and treat all older adults with compassion and respect and to encourage them to continue to participate in services and activities that contribute to their health, welfare and happiness.

“Over their lifetimes, they have raised families, built careers, served our country and continue to give back to their communities” said Assemblymember Janet Nguyen. “Older Americans are volunteers in our neighborhoods, mentors to our youth and enrich our lives with their stories and experiences.”

Older Americans Month celebrates the lives and continued contributions of older Americans and senior citizens. California is home to nearly 40 million people and around 6 million are considered older adults or senior citizens. Recent estimates show that number will continue to grow at a rate that outpaces the rest of the country.

“While society’s attitudes and perceptions of older adults has changed, there is still much to be done to raise awareness of this population and the issues facing them,” continued Assemblymember Nguyen. “As we age, the risk of abuse and neglect increases and we must be sure that there are resources in place to protect older adults,” added Assemblymember Janet Nguyen.

After passing the Assembly Floor, ACR 115 now heads to the Senate and will be heard and voted on before returning to the Assembly for final approval.

This article was released by the Office of Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen.