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Ashleigh Aitken releases statement on FBI corruption probe into Mayor Harry Sidhu

Consumer advocate and former federal prosecutor Ashleigh Aitken, who is the Democratic Party endorsed candidate for Anaheim Mayor, released the following statement regarding the FBI corruption probe in to Mayor Harry Sidhu:

“As a former federal prosecutor, I have witnessed and fought against acts of public corruption. I am saddened that what was previously perceived by many as incompetence appears to be conscious acts of fraud, greed, and deception.

This was a fraud perpetrated against our city servants and a majority of our city council. Our Mayor chose to be the “sole” negotiator for the city, enabled secret meetings, and betrayed our taxpayers.

I and many others including our State Senator Tom Umberg, our former Mayor and Assemblyman Tom Daly, and our former Mayor Tom Tait, as well as leading members of our under-served communities have consistently opposed the secretive “process” as well as the “result”.

We stand by our assertions that the price negotiated by the Mayor was millions of dollars short of its actual value.

A “Restart” is the only way to clear the air and assure our citizens that any ultimate sale will have be done with integrity, honesty, and open hearings.

Why should Anaheim citizens’ most valuable asset be surrendered while we face economic hardship? Already, increased trash pick-up fees are being imposed on us by a Mayor who buys a helicopter and avoids paying taxes himself.”

This article was released by Ashleigh Aitken for Mayor 2022.