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Rep. Young Kim warns against government price control bill, calls it socialism

U.S. Representative Young Kim (CA-39) voted against House Democrats’ bill (H.R. 7688) to implement government price controls on the energy industry, which would stifle energy production and worsen the prices already hurting consumers.
“As gas prices continue to reach record highs and are over $1 higher in California, Speaker Pelosi and Democrats blocked a bill promoting U.S. energy seven times this week and are instead taking a step out of Venezuela’s economic playbook with government price controls. This isn’t the way to lower prices, hold companies accountable, increase production or help our economy. It’s socialism,” said Kim. “We tried price controls in the 1970s, and this only made the crisis worse, hurt U.S. industries and caused more shortages of products for consumers. I’ll keep fighting to expand our U.S. supply chains and production across industries, promote American energy independence and get our economy back on track.”

Rep. Kim has supported several measures to support U.S. energy independence and incentivize lower emissions, such as:

  • The American Energy for Europe Act (H.R. 6874);
  • The Clean Energy Protection Act (H.R. 4394);
  • Partnerships for Energy Security and Innovation Act (H.R. 4863); and,
  • The Department of Energy Science for the Future Act (H.R. 3593).
This article was released by the Southern California Association of Governments.

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  1. This representative of ours (Orange County, CA) knows too well that both Exxon Mobil and Shell among others made their largest monthly profits ever last month. The American consumer is gullible, ill-informed and often represented by industry-complicity politicians.

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