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US Senate candidate Mark Meuser condemns Biden admin energy polices amid gas price surge

With the average price per gallon of gas in California reaching $6 Wednesday, California Republican Party endorsed US Senate Candidate Mark Meuser condemned the Biden Administration’s energy policies.

“The needless suffering of Americans at the gas pump is being directly caused by the Biden Administration’s continued refusal to grant drilling permits and encourage domestic oil production,” Meuser said. “We are now seeing $6 a gallon averages here in California. With rising inflation from supply shortages, we desperately need to pursue domestic energy production, not continue to rely on foreign oil.”

About Mark Meuser:

Mark Meuser is a native Californian with a proven record of fighting for your constitutional rights. He joined the Dhillon Law Group where he has focused on Election, Political and Constitutional Law. Meuser has had the privilege of protecting critical First Amendment rights and as well as unconstitutional usurpation of power as a result of COVID-19 by Governor Gavin Newsom and numerous election integrity cases in California.

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