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Nathan Hochman prevails over LA DA George Gascon in State Court of Appeals

The California State Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling against Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon today in a case which was brought by the 800 members of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County who were represented in court by Nathan Hochman (@NathanHochmanAG), the California Republican Party endorsed candidate for Attorney General.

The court upheld a preliminary injunction against Gascon that requires him to enforce the state’s “Three Strike Law”.

Click here to view and download the court’s ruling.

“[LA DA Gascon] is an elected official who must comply with the law, not a sovereign with absolute, unreviewable discretion,” the court’s ruling said. “The [Three Strikes] statute leaves no discretion for a prosecutor [like LA DA Gascon] to act on his or her own judgment or opinion concerning the propriety of pleading a prior strike.”

The lawsuit was originally filed in December 2020 in California superior court and a judge ruled against Gascon on Feb. 9, 2021, Gascon then appealed the ruling.

“The court of appeals issued a major ruling today against district attorneys that want to put their personal opinions above the law and the safety of Californians,” Hochman said. “Hopefully today marks the first in a series of defeats for “King Gascon” and other district attorneys who have chosen to put their politics above their obligation to follow the law and protect their constituents.”

About Hochman:
Hochman has served as an Assistant US Attorney for the Central District of California and as a US Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice. Hochman has also worked as a civil litigator, defense and appellate attorney, and general counsel, and clerked for a US District Court Judge. His years of community involvement include membership on numerous charitable boards and serving as President of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.

Learn more about Hochman: https://www.nathanhochman.com/about/

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