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Lieutenant Commander (Res.) Jay Chen secures Democratic nomination for CA CD-45

After sixteen months on the campaign trail, during which he broke fundraising records and earned a spot on the DCCC’s Red to Blue list, Jay Chen has secured the Democratic nomination for California’s 45th congressional district. Jay will be running against out-of-touch Representative Michelle Steel in a new inland swing seat with a 5% Democratic registration advantage.

Chen addressed supporters last night, stating: “Our country faces challenges and it needs leaders who will step up with solutions, and not just point fingers and obstruct our recovery. I’m ready to work for the people of the 45th and bring results back to this district, and the returns from last night prove that’s what the voters of this district want as well.”

Democratic nominee Jay Chen’s background as a veteran, community college trustee, and small business owner makes him uniquely suited to represent CA-45. As part of Operation Inherent Resolve, Lieutenant Commander Chen led an intelligence team that brought justice to the terror group ISIS, and he played a key role in the military’s response to outbreak of COVID-19. A graduate of local public schools, Jay has served as school board member and currently serves as a community college trustee, and is committed to expanding access to education. He’s running for Congress to ensure all children have the same opportunities he was given, and to restore integrity and accountability in Washington, D.C.

CA-45 is a new swing seat with a 5% Democratic registration advantage. The district voted for Biden by 6.2%, Clinton by 13.2%, and against the Recall of Governor Newsom by 7%. The district is 37% Asian American with significant Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indian populations. Latino voters make up 23% of this Southern California congressional seat. The district runs from Brea in the North to Little Saigon in the South.

This article was released by Jay Chen for Congress.


  1. In January 2021, just days after Young Kim joined Congress, Jay Chen started sending out boilerplate news releases attacking Kim. Whatever Kim did or said, Chen said it was wrong. He did this thinking he would be running against Kim in the next election.

    However, when redistricting put Kim elsewhere on the political map, Chen started sending out the same kind of boilerplate attack news releases. It felt as if Chen’s staff was doing nothing more than deleting “Young Kim” and typing in “Michelle Steel.”

    My guess is that the Chen campaign has a stack of fill-in-the-blank news releases they will be sending out in the months ahead. Or maybe Chen will give another speech and mock Rep. Steel’s accent. (The Korean born Rep. Steel speaks THREE languages: English, Korean and Japanese.)

    With all the issues facing the CA-45 district, we do not need another wishy-washy liberal politician like Jay Chen.

    1. Rep Steel speaks FOUR languages: Political Double-Speak, English, Korean and Japanese). Of course certain politically critical statements against a Republican can be switched from one candidate to another. Most Republicans, including Kim and Steel were complacent with the Trump scandals including the Jan-6 insurrection.

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