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Special Notice: Loud sounds, sirens at public safety training at Lakewood Center on June 13

Numerous Sheriff’s cars, fire engines and emergency vehicles will take part in a training exercise at Lakewood Center mall, with first responders wearing full gear.

You may see simulated smoke or hear what appears to be explosions, gunshots or loud bangs, but be assured that it is all artificial and for training purposes only, posing no danger to the public.

The Lakewood Sheriff Station, along with the L.A. County Fire Department and the city’s Public Safety Department, will conduct the training scenario at Lakewood Center on Monday, June 13 between 5 and 10 a.m. Loud sounds are expected after 6 a.m.

The training exercise will be held on the south side of Lakewood Center near Costco. Some parking lots and roadways within the mall will be closed to the public. No public streets will be closed or affected by the training exercise.

This kind of training takes place at large venues and shopping areas periodically throughout Los Angeles County and is part of a countywide effort to ensure that public safety personnel are regularly trained in handling emergency situations.

This article was released by the City of Lakewood.