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Michelle Steel: Jay Chen silent on repealing gas tax, impending gas tax increase in California

As Michelle Steel continues her push to repeal California’s gas tax, Jay Chen refuses to say where he stands on Steel’s proposal to fully repeal the tax which is set to increase in just over a week.

“It’s remarkable as Californians are paying the highest gas prices in the nation and their gas tax is set to increase that Jay Chen sits silent refusing to say whether he supports Rep. Steel’s proposal to repeal California’s gas tax,” said Michelle Steel Spokesperson Lance Trover. “If Chen’s history and record on taxes is any indication, he likely supports keeping the tax and its increase – either way voters deserve to know where he stands on this issue.”

In a recent Orange County Register op-ed Steel outlined how a full repeal of the state’s tax could save California families up to $10 every time they visit a gas station.

“Gas prices are top of mind for voters and while Michelle Steel has proposed repealing California’s gas tax along with an all-of-the-above approach to make America truly energy independent, Chen remains silent,” said Trover.

This article was released by the Michelle Steel for Congress.