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Lakewood increases Sheriff’s patrols to reduce use of illegal fireworks

Increasing numbers of Deputy Sheriffs and Community Safety Officers will be on the streets of Lakewood every night starting July 1 through July 4 looking for illegal fireworks use, responding to calls and tips about illegal fireworks, and issuing citations with fines that can rise to $2,000 or more.

Lakewood is devoting even more resources and new efforts to combat illegal fireworks this year. Deputies have been responding to calls about illegal fireworks use even before now, but for the July 1-4 time period Lakewood is paying for extra Deputy patrols in neighborhoods. Lakewood’s Special Assignment Officer Deputies have also been undertaking sting operations to arrest those involved in the buying and selling of illegal fireworks.

The problem of illegal fireworks use has grown in recent years throughout California and the nation. It is not a Lakewood-specific problem. It doesn’t matter whether a community allows or disallows ‘safe-and-sane’ legal fireworks. The problem of illegal fireworks is the same in both types of communities.

Despite the challenges, Lakewood is known throughout Southern California as a city that takes strong action and does everything it can to deter and reduce the use of illegal fireworks.


  • If you see illegal fireworks currently in use, call the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station at 562-623-3500 so Deputies can respond right away.
  • If illegal fireworks are not currently in use BUT you know of an address or location that has recently been using illegal fireworks, please call the city’s Tip Line at 562-866-9771, ext. 7233 or use the Lakewood Connect App. Deputy Sheriffs will put the location on their patrol list.
  • Illegal fireworks can be surrendered at the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station or any L.A. County Fire Station (there are three in Lakewood). No questions asked.

What are illegal fireworks in Lakewood and throughout California?

Answer: Skyrockets, mortars, firecrackers and any kind of explosives.

Only “safe and sane” fireworks approved by the CA State Fire Marshal can legally be used in Lakewood and only on July 4 between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. Safe and sane fireworks provide plenty of fun but do not explode or go up in the air…and their sound does not travel far.

Be safe, be legal, be a good neighbor this Fourth of July.

The article above was released by the City of Lakewood.