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Guest Editorial: Inflation is hurting California families

Everyday we watch prices rise on basic necessities, like food and electricity, without placing the blame on Democrats’ excessive spending policies. Over the last year, their total control of government has resulted in a disastrous spending spree, as they pass trillion dollar bills that have flooded our economy with money and driven up inflation. As inflation continues to rise, Democrats keep pushing for more spending that will only make inflation worse. It is questionable whether the party in power took any economics classes in school.

We need leaders in Washington who understand how to get inflation under control. Thankfully, Congresswoman Michelle Steel understands the importance of this issue. Steel has promised to fight to curb excessive spending and create a balanced budget, instead of supporting reckless trillion dollar bills. Her relentless focus on pocketbook issues has earned her my support, and I can only hope that her Democrat colleagues adopt her correct approach to reducing inflation.

This guest editorial was written by Amy Harman of Fountain Valley.


  1. Rep Michelle Steel voted to repeal the Child Tax Credit.

    She promised to remove the SALT deductions cap and then voted against that as her GOP bosses demanded.

    Then she schemed to get taxpayers to pay $15.5M to re-landscape her private backyard beach.

    The self-labeled “Taxfighter” is a fraud.

    1. Michelle Steel is a proven tax raiser for most people and only those that benefit from Michelle Steel on their taxes are the 1%-ers. She voted against all infrastructure bills then months later will release a statement patting herself on the back for bringing some of the money to the district from the legislation that she did not vote for, but conveniently does not mention that. I will be more than happy to vote against her in November.

  2. This reads more like a campaign ad than an editorial on inflation. I will gladly vote against Rep Steel in November. Just another politician who aspires to their next elected position. Time to break that cycle for her. Failing upwards and accomplishing nothing.

  3. I will proudly vote for Rep. Michelle Steel in the November general election.

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