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Jay Chen: Rep. Michelle Steel stays silent on Supreme Court’s decisions on Roe v Wade, gun safety rollback

Since the Supreme Court’s monumental decisions to strip the rights of Californian women over their own bodies and rollback gun safety laws that have kept Californians safe, Rep. Michelle Steel’s campaign and office have been silent.

Rep. Steel supports making abortion and birth control illegal nationwide and refused to tell voters whether she believes there should even be exceptions for rape. Steel was among the cohort that signed a letter asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. She will join with those in her party trying to pass a national law making abortion illegal in all circumstances, including if the pregnancy risks the woman’s life.

On the heels of a tragic mass shooting targeting Taiwanese Americans mere miles from her district, Rep. Steel voted against the historic gun violence legislation signed into law this past weekend that invests in mental health services, enhanced safety measures for schools, and punishes gun traffickers. Earlier in 2021, Rep. Steel voted against common sense background checks to keep assault weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill.

“Congresswoman Steel’s actions show that she prioritizes political ideology over the will and safety of the constituents of CA-45” said Lt. Commander (res.) Jay Chen. “Congresswoman Steel’s silence is deafening. When I’m in Congress, know that I will proudly fight to keep our children safe from gun violence and for a woman’s right to choose.”

This article was released by Jay Chen for Congress.


  1. Jay Chen is terrible. He refuses to address the rising gas prices and supply chain issues! My business is struggling under the Biden administration but was thriving in the Trump era! I am a swing voter who regrets voting for Gil Cisneros. Voting for Jay Chen and his other radical friends will just cause us all to suffer some more because they will only be BIDEN’s pawn! If you want $10 gas prices, vote Jay Chen!

  2. Michelle Steel remains silent on this because her party bosses told her to keep silent. She has no principles, just repeats the party line. She is a silent Trump supporter and does not have the strength to say that the Republican party is run by Trump and seditious people. Michelle Steel is a proven disaster of enabling traitors and legislative inaction.

  3. Democrats like Jay Chen are such hypocrites! They talk about the Supreme Court ruling that returns abortion to the states, insisting it’s “my choice, my body.” But then these same Democrats ignore “my choice, my body” when it comes to the vaccine.

    Jay Chen would be a disaster for the 45th District. I am voting for Rep. Michelle Steel.

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