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As California gas tax increases July 1, Steel renews call for full repeal

Michelle Steel this week renewed her call to fully repeal the state’s gas tax, as the tax increased yet again on July 1, just as drivers hit the road for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

“The difference between Michelle and Jay on this issue couldn’t be more clear: Jay Chen refuses to say where he stands on a full repeal of the gas tax and actually supports raising taxes on drivers,” said Steel Spokesperson Lance Trover. “Michelle and other Republican members of the California congressional delegation have proposed a full repeal that would have real, tangible benefits to drivers in California who already pay the highest taxes and gas prices in the nation.”

Californians already pay the highest gas prices in the nation because they have the highest gas tax in the nation.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. Thank you Rep Steel. California is a lost cause. I am seriously thinking of leaving.

  2. Our friends are leaving Calif because the high cost of living here is getting to much. We are suffering from high gas taxes & the Biden Admin. Making our taxes higher. It is good that Rep Steel cares about this. Thank you Rep Steel for caring about this.

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