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CAGOP releases statement on California Democrats’ gas tax increase

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson released the following statement in response to today’s annual gas tax increase, impacting every single Californian at the pump:

“Gavin Newsom and California Democrats continue to fail Californians, doing nothing to prevent the state’s sky-high gas tax from increasing yet again. Democrats could have stopped the gas tax increase but repeatedly refused Republican invitations to take bipartisan action and provide tax relief. Today, Californians are paying even more for gas because Democrats would rather protect a tax than people’s pocketbooks. Radical liberal politicians will pay a steep price at the ballot box for refusing to address the high prices their policies and excessive spending have caused.

“Democrats like Melissa Hurtado, Adam Gray, Rudy Salas, Cottie Petrie-Norris, Ken Cooley and Brian Maienschein will be held accountable by voters for their selfish and incompetent actions this November.”

This article was released by the California Republican Party.


  1. I thought Larry Elder said, after losing a recall where the CAGOP did not want to endorse a candidate, that he was going to help other Republicans get elected instead of running himself. OK Larry are you going to help a fellow Republican B. Dahle (who knows what his first name is) run for CA Governor in Nov-2022??

  2. The problem is that the CAGOP is great at putting out press releases and pushing candidates that the base doesn’t support and not much else. How fast can you say Bert Dahle for Governor? Or is it Ben Dahle? Bob Dahle? Brian Dahle? It doesn’t matter, what Dahle’s first name is because he is going to lose to Gov. Nuisance.

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