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Lakewood community members thank Council Member Vicki L. Stuckey for her service

At a “Lakewood Celebrates” community reception on June 14, Council Member Vicki L. Stuckey was honored as she winds down her two years of service on the Lakewood City Council, which will end on July 12.

Stuckey was unanimously appointed by the City Council on Sept. 8, 2020 to fill the remainder of the council term vacated by the retirement of Council Member Diane DuBois on Aug. 31, 2020.

Stuckey’s council service was groundbreaking as she is the first African American council member in Lakewood’s history.

Because of Lakewood’s new by-district council election system, Stuckey was ineligible to run for a full council term in 2022 because she lives in a part of the city that will not have a district election until 2024. An initial district map proposed by Lakewood’s demographic consultant would have allowed Stuckey to run in 2022 but would have delayed the eastern portion of Lakewood from having a district election until 2024. A Lakewood council member has never come from the eastern-most portion of the city. Stuckey proposed moving eastern Lakewood’s election to the first round of district elections in 2022, even though it meant she had to leave the council in 2022 and could not potentially run for a seat until 2024.

Watch the video of Council Member Stucky being honored at Lakewood Celebrates here.

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