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Guest Editorial: Jay Chen is too extreme

Jay Chen seems to alter his views based on which campaign he is running. Either way, it’s obvious he’s too extreme for Orange County.

Jay Chen was a Bernie Sanders delegate who supports the State of California taking over healthcare resulting in higher taxes. He’s an ardent supporter of Confucius Institutes funded by the Chinese Communist Party that seek to infiltrate our schools and Chen even mocked Congresswoman Steel’s accent.
Is this the American way?

The last thing we need in Washington is someone who will follow the Joe Biden economic agenda of more spending, higher taxes and inflation which, based on his record, is exactly what Jay Chen will do.

This guest editorial was written by Nancy Hathcock, Proud President, West Orange County RWF, Westminster.

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  1. I am voting for Michelle Steel because I see what Democrats do to other cities. I do not want the problems that people have in Democrat cities.

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