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California Policy Center’s new Candidate Academy prepares parents to run for school board

As California parents continue to look for ways to take back control of their neighborhood schools from the state’s teachers’ unions, many concerned parents are considering running for their local school board. Parents elected to their school boards have the power to hold the frontline against the unions’ unabashed agenda to push Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology in schools instead of teaching academics.

But how do potential candidates learn more about what it really takes to run for local office and how to launch their first campaign?

Enter CPC’s newly-released CLEO Candidate Academy, a nonpartisan online video series that walks aspiring candidates through the steps of preparing to run for local office by addressing fundamental questions such as:

  • What you should consider when deciding to run for office;
  • How to understand the political landscape and connect with supporters;
  • How to develop a campaign team and manage campaign laws and regulations; and
  • How to best communicate your message with voters.

The course is presented in a discussion format between California Local Elected Officials (CLEO) director Mari Barke, President of the Orange County Board of Education, and Lance Christensen, CPC’s Vice President of Education Policy and Government Affairs and candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, along with additional segments presented by CPC Vice President Jackson Reese, a former campaign consultant. The training includes written materials, checklists and resources for candidates as well as activities to complete to help trainees do their own personal assessment as they consider a future candidacy.

With the filing period to run for school board and other local offices in California set to open in just ten days on July 18th, CPC’s virtual candidate training is right on time. The training is available for free to CPC supporters using the access code “CPCFREE” after enrolling in the Candidate Academy at calelecteds.org.

This article was released by the California Policy Center.