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CAGOP: Gavin Newsom gets an F

Giving Gavin Newsom an award in education is like giving Jill Biden an award for Latino outreach. It’s ridiculous. Nevertheless, you can find Gavin Newsom in our nation’s capital today measuring the drapes in the West Wing and accepting an award for state innovation in education.

In case he’s scratching his head to come up with what he’s actually accomplished in schools, we thought we’d help him out with a few points that he personally deserves credit for:

  • Newsom kept California schools closed during the pandemic longer than any other state’s, as he was unwilling to stand up to his bosses at the teacher’s unions.
  • He tried to relate to California students and parents, telling CNN that he too was “living through Zoom school,” but that was a lie. At that point, his children had been attending in-person private school for months.
  • Recent test scores show only a third or less of California students tested at grade level in math and science. Less than half are at grade level for English.
  • Public school enrollment has dropped below six million students for the first time in more than 20 years.
  • California has the lowest literacy rate in the nation.

“I can’t think of anyone less deserving of an award in education than Gavin Newsom as California students are falling behind thanks to his failed policies. This governor is more concerned with lecturing red states, praising his own laughable accomplishments and dreaming about life inside the White House than he is with fixing the mess he created in California schools. Democrats will find out this November that parents are paying attention and will be voting accordingly.” – CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson

This article was released by the California GOP.


  1. The other thing that receives an F grade is every Republican nominee for CA governor. The crazy, election deniers, CRT-haters in the Republican party nominate a total freak and loser who then opens their mouth and scares most voters back to Newsom or other Democrat running for the office. In this election cycle the Republican nominee will express his devotion to Trump and the repeal of freedoms being done by the Supreme Court.

  2. Thank you – for your valid Newsom comments…

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