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Letter to the Editor: Public Safety is issue #1 when I vote this November

Dear Editor,

As a voter for 50 years, a mother of 3 and grandmother of 7, when I cast my votes in November, I will only vote for candidates who firmly support public safety. The candidate must not only have a history of voting to support the police but those endorsing the candidate must also reflect those values.

Candidate Jay Chen is endorsed by the same democrats who championed defunding the police at the expense of our public’s safety. He is a Bernie Sanders delegate who is a vocal supporter of defunding law enforcement.

Congresswoman Michelle Steel has earned bipartisan endorsements from law enforcement including Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes. With law enforcement fully behind her, I know she will do the right thing to keep our communities safe and support the blue.

Michelle Steel will have my vote.

Maureen Blackmun
Garden Grove Neighborhood Association


  1. How an elected official votes Yea or Nay on a measure is a false point in time. They often read or have staff assigned to assist in a thorough understanding on what the surface summary says. Voters are tricked quite often with false titles, especially in California’s one party state. Legislation often Carrie’s opposite clauses that create more damage than benefit.
    I appreciate dedicated representatives who do the research and make good decisions. If you question a vote, ask for an explanation from the elected official.
    Remember, many of the liberal left has a blind eye to what their representatives represent to the public. California is the case in point. EVERYTHING WRONG in the legislative process in this state is owned completely by the Democrats! And they are scared they may lose some control in November!

    Highest taxes, lowest rated schools, failure to address early natural resources needs and then blaming citizens they have to reduce usage; mandates, needless State of Emergency declarations, shut down businesses — all under their watch. Wake up and vote for conservatives in November! Bring balance back for the citizens. Hold all electeds accountable!
    Our country and future for our children are on the line!

    BTW, I’ll be voting for Michelle Steel, far more qualified than her opponent!

  2. The Democrats stand for DEFUNDING the police. That’s all you need to know. Just look at all the high crime in Democrat-run cities!

    If Jay Chen was truly for public safety, he would be a Republican.

    A RED WAVE is coming and if you believe in the United States of America and SUPPORTING THE POLICE, you will vote for Michelle Steel.

  3. Lieutenant Commander Jay Chen is an experienced sharpshooter with top secret security clearance. He has pledged to fight to make our streets safer and ban assault weapons.

    His opponent, Rep Michelle Steel, has no such experience with guns and no such security clearance. She has voted against public safety over and over again. She voted to defund the Capitol Police as political retribution. She voted against funding first responders during the pandemic. And she votes against cops & their families every time she votes against gun safety laws.

    Steel flirts with cops, then stabs them in the back.

  4. Instead of just signing a letter the Steel Campaign gave Ms Blackmun to sign, she should do her homework. Rep Michelle Steel voted against:

    •Bipartisan Background Checks Act
    •Enhanced Background Checks Act
    •Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act
    •Raise the Age Act
    •Prevent Gun Trafficking Act
    •Keep America Safe Act
    •Untraceable Firearms Act
    •Ethan’s Law
    •Safe Guns, Safe Kids Act
    •Closing the Bump Stock Loophole Act
    •Kimberly Vaughn Firearms Safe Storage Act
    •Protecting Our Kids Act
    •Workplace Violence Prevention For Healthcare & Social Service Workers Act
    •Family Violence Prevention & Services Improvement Act
    •Senate’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act
    •Violence Against Women Act
    •Assault Weapons Ban

    Judge Luttig has made it clear, extreme MAGA Representative like Steel are a clear & present danger.

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