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Letter to the Editor: Jay Chen is bad for Orange County families

Dear Editor,

It’s disheartening, as inflation reached a new record in June, that Democratic candidates are choosing to stick by Joe Biden’s reckless spending policies that have caused the mess we are in.

Democratic candidate Jay Chen has made clear he supports Joe Biden’s push to spend even more money and not support a repeal of California’s gas tax. It’s mind-boggling that anyone would think spending more taxpayer dollars makes sense.

Congresswoman Michelle Steel clearly understands that we can’t spend our way out of this problem and has even called for a full repeal of California’s gas tax in November. It’s obvious she is much more engaged in solving the national economic crisis and gas price problem.

Imelda Preciado
Garden Grove


  1. I wrote this somewhere else but I am not voting Democrat because I am so stressed out going food shopping. I can’t buy everything I want because I need money to buy other things and pay my other bills. Joe Biden does not understand what his inflation is doing to people.

  2. If Democrats were so good that we should be voting for more of them, Joe Biden’s approval ratings would be sky-high. Instead, Biden’s approval goes down every week. Depending on the poll, he is between 30 – 35%. That means an overwhelming majority of Americans DETEST Democrat leadership. Why then would anyone want to vote for a Democrat? I am voting for Michelle Steel!

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