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Letter to the Editor: Jay Chen is Bad for Orange County Families

Dear Editor,

It’s disheartening, as inflation reached a new record in June, that Democratic candidates are choosing to stick by Joe Biden’s reckless spending policies that have caused the mess we are in.

Democratic candidate Jay Chen has made clear he supports Joe Biden’s push to spend even more money and not support a repeal of California’s gas tax. It’s mind-boggling that anyone would think spending more taxpayer dollars makes sense.

Congresswoman Michelle Steel clearly understands that we can’t spend our way out of this problem and has even called for a full repeal of California’s gas tax in November. It’s obvious she is much more engaged in solving the national economic crisis and gas price problem.

Imelda Preciado
Garden Grove


  1. Michelle Steel and Young Kim are nothing but a front for the real corrupt leaders in politics; Donald Trump, a majority of the Supreme Court, Mitch McConnell and obedient follower Kevin McCarthy. Their silence on the Jan-6 mess and soon to come additional restrictions on women’s health choices is all you need to know. The Republicans have no plans for the post-2022 election other than payback if they get a majority in either house of Congress.

  2. You are brainwashed. Inflation us not on Biden or the democratic party. It is global problem following a pandemic where the rich got richer and corporate greed and profits higher than ever before. Every bill the democrats have tried to pass has not passed b/c of REPUBLICANS. Please read more and educate yourself. WATCH CSPAN. MICHELLE STEEL NEEDS TO GO. Look at her voting record and you should see clearly that it’s time for her to go! How can you vote for the GOP money grubbers that line their pockets with gun and oil money… aka your Ms. Steel! SHAME ON YOU!

    1. It IS greed but it’s on both sides of the political spectrum. SO DO NOT CLAIM IT IS ONLY ONE SIDE.

      Have you read about Nancy Pelosi? And didn’t she vote for a bill after making millions that politicians shouldn’t be allowed to trade stocks?


      Have you read about George Soros and who he backs?

      And are you aware that the Democrats are the majority in both house and senate?
      As well as President Biden, our presidential branch?

      THey have passed a ton of bills that do not benefit the American people nor have helped inflation and yet have private security details, mansions, etc just like those you claim are GREEDY.

  3. I simply do not understand why any American who is suffering from Joe Biden’s inflation would want to
    Vote for a Democrat. I went grocery shopping on Thursday and came home in tears. I had to put back some items because of how much they went up in price and how much I could spend as everything else has gone up so much. I need money for other bills that have gone up. I really get very stressed going food shopping. I will not vote for any Democrat because of what Biden has done.

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