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Sunday recipe: Make watermelon the centerpiece of meals

Few things are as delicious and refreshing as watermelon on a warm day. Watermelon grows quite readily in summer and is often ready to pick after three months of growing time. Harvesters look for a pale buttery yellow spot on the bottom of watermelon (the ground spot), indicating ripeness. However, shoppers can do their part and pick perfect watermelon at the store. The fruit should be firm, symmetrical and free from bruises, cuts or dents. The melon also should be heavy, as it is comprised of 92 percent water.

Most people immediately think of watermelon as a sweet snack or as a palate cleanser after an evening meal, but watermelon is equally at home in savory dishes as it is in sweet offerings. You may enjoy this recipe for “Zesty Watermelon Chicken Salad Tortilla Cups” courtesy of The National Watermelon Promotion Board and recipe author Shannon Kohn. This is a great warm weather meal that looks impressive and is both cool and filling for summer entertaining.

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Zesty Watermelon Chicken Salad Tortilla Cups

Makes 12 servings

4 8-inch flour tortillas
¼ cup softened cream cheese
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper sauce
2 tablespoons chopped green chiles
1 cup cooked, chopped chicken
1½ cups chopped watermelon
%frac14; cup roasted, salted pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
¼ cup sliced green onions

  1. Preheat oven to 375 °F.
  2. Using a 4-inch cookie cutter or cup, cut rounds out of each tortilla. Press one tortilla round down into each cup of a 12-cup muffin pan.
  3. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until tortilla cups are light brown and crispy. Remove from oven; allow to cool.
  4. In the bottom of a large bowl, combine cream cheese, mayonnaise and pepper sauce until smooth.
  5. Stir in chicken and green chiles. Fold in watermelon.
  6. Divide and fill each tortilla cup with an extra amount of the watermelon-chicken mixture.
  7. Divide and garnish with an equal amount of pumpkin seeds and green onion, respectively.
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