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CAGOP criticizes Democrats’ “tax-and-spend agenda”

The following article was released by the California Republican Party.

It’s official: the U.S. economy is in a recession, no matter how much Joe Biden and his allies want to gaslight us into believing we’re not. With the economy shrinking 0.9% last quarter, this marks the second straight quarter of negative GDP growth. Biden’s own advisors define this as a recession.

With support from Congressional Democrats, Biden’s tax-and-spend agenda has been a disaster for the American people and has led us to this point. But you’d never know it if you listened to California’s House members:

  • Katie Porter in January noted that a year prior, families “were struggling… to make ends meet” but after voting for Biden’s reckless spending plan, the economy is doing much better, including “higher wages.”
    • Inflation has continued to outpace wage growth. According to the Wall Street Journal, “When taking inflation into account, there hasn’t been a single month with year-over-year earnings growth since March 2021.”
  • Mike Levin said last week that “those blaming our policies [for inflation] simply aren’t telling the truth.”
  • Josh Harder said in May of last year that “I don’t think we’re at any risk of runaway inflation” and “our economy is getting back on track.”
    • Inflation is at a 40-year high, sitting at 9.1%.
  • Julia Brownley said in March that “President Biden delivered on his promise to help Americans recover from the devastating impacts of the pandemic, rebuild our economy, and combat inflation.”

“Every day, Californians feel the weight of Joe Biden and Democrats’ recklessness as our economy struggles. California Democrats have led our nation into a recession, and this November, voters will restore commonsense to the Capitol when Republicans take back the House,” says CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson.

This article was released by the California Republican Party.

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