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Letter to the Editor: Scott Baugh on law and order in California

The recent uptick in crime has left many Californians questioning the safety of our state. From blatant smash-and-grab robberies to criminals assaulting people in broad daylight, it’s hard to remember a time when California wasn’t plagued by such violent lawlessness.

Governor Newsom and his supermajority have aggressively rolled back many of the protections put in place to defend law-abiding citizens, effectively rendering many laws useless. He has created a state that champions early release for violent offenders and has carelessly cultivated a landscape that protects criminals and thieves over innocent, law-abiding Californians.

Local District Attorneys continuously violate the trust of Californians, and without any real party power to hold them accountable, they will continue to govern against the victim.

Like you, Southern California is my home, and I am proud to live in such a diverse and beautiful place, but it is high time we had representatives to stand up for law and order in the midst of this crisis.

Scott Baugh is running for Congress in California’s 47th Congressional District.


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