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DCCC: Kansas abortion results a warning to Scott Baugh

The following article was released by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Voters in red-state Kansas resoundingly voted to protect their access to abortion.

Don’t tell the national Republicans who claim “abortion isn’t the winning issue Democrats think it is.”

This is a warning to CA-47 congressional candidate Scott Baugh, who consistently opposes abortion rights.

Baugh supports a nationwide abortion ban that makes no exceptions for rape or incest. His position on abortion isn’t just politically unpopular, it’s simply unacceptable.

Maddy Mundy, DCCC spokesperson, stated, “The results in Kansas should ring alarm bells for MAGA Republican Scott Baugh – who opposes abortion even in instances of rape or incest. Voters made clear in a state much redder than California that they don’t want an extremist agenda attacking women’s rights to make their own health care decisions.”

This article was released by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


  1. I agree TL. California republicans need to do a better job at selecting their representatives, candidates, and messaging to voters.

    I have not seen or heard of a Republican having a “We Love Putin” or “We Love Insurrection” flag. I have seen most with the American, Gadsden (Don’t tread on me), or “Liberty or Death” flag.

  2. If Democrats would put down their “We Love Antifa” signs long enough to read WHY that Kansas proposition was voted down, they would not be so giddy. Scott Baugh’s chances are uphill because he is an Establishment GOP candidate who does not excite the base. The “America First” base is not interested in Republicans who suck up to the OCGOP and CAGOP.

    1. So TL, where were all the dedicated Republican voters that did not show up at the primary in June and keep Scott Baugh away from advancing to the November election? Republicans should put down their “We Love Putin” and “We Love Insurrection” signs and get used to living in a democracy again.

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