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Huntington Beach Police contact homeless individuals frequenting private parking lot

According to a series of tweets by the Huntington Beach Police Department, the Huntington Beach Homeless Task Force (HTF) regularly patrols the City in an effort to offer help and services to those experiencing homelessness.

In particular, on Thursday, August 4, the HTF visited a private parking lot with the permission of the property owner. One person was arrested for possession of narcoties. Others were offered help in the form of resources or services. All help was refused.

Over the last two months, 46 arrests have been made at the location.

According to the Huntington Beach Police, such arrests are made to improve the safety and well-being of everyone.


  1. Why does the HBPD need to help the homeless at this parking lot near Beach/Talbert when the Indian tribes that are backing Prop 27 say that help is on the way?? Don’t fall for the Proposition 7 con-job. It’s 98% about online gambling but the TV ads give the impression that the proposition will make great strides at helping the homeless. Prop 27 will just be giving a handout to Indian tribes that don’t operate their own casinos. There are Help Wanted signs everywhere, online job posting pop-ups and we don’t need to be giving handouts to this tribe or some other tribe that can’t function in today’s economy. Years ago when the Lottery was on the ballot in CA, they promised a windfall for “Education” in the state and decades later the schools still need bond issues, property tax add-ons, etc. Don’t fall for Prop 27, it benefits very few in CA.

  2. yeah that back fence area was getting pretty bad at wakmart

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