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Garden Grove Police Department combats street racing

There has been an increase in reckless driving and street racing/takeovers. These activities are dangerous and illegal, with more than half the resulting fatalities not being those behind the wheel.

If you are caught, cited and convicted of reckless driving, you could serve time in county jail, pay a fine, have your drivers license suspended and your vehicle towed for up to 30-days. Additionally, if someone is killed as a result of your actions, you can be charged with murder.

In an effort to combat this threat to public safety, Garden Grove Police Department will have additional officers on patrol, conducting high-visibility enforcement.

Over the weekend of August 6-7, Garden Grove Police Officers conducted high-visibility enforcement of reckless driving and street racing/takeovers that have increased in the City.

A total of 100+ cars were stopped, 84 citations issued, 8 vehicles impounded, and 5 arrests made (3-street racing, 1-DUI, 1-vehicle pursuit).

This article was based on information released by the Garden Grove Police Department.