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Peaceful protests to be held in response to FBI raid targeting Donald Trump

Patriotic Americans who are angered by the federal government going after President Donald Trump are planning peaceful protests around the country. These are American citizens and organizations that are angered by the FBI’s actions at Donald Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago residence.

For patriots who want to stand together with other like-minded “America First” patriots and peacefully protest the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago (signed by a Trump hating judge), here are some local rallies being planned in the upcoming days. The rally on Saturday is at the Shops at Rossmoor (near Hof’s Hut and In-N-Out).

  • Friday, August 12 from 11 AM to 1 PM – FBI Office at 901 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana (paid parking nearby).
  • Friday, August 12 from 5 to 8 PM – 24001 Avenida de la Carlota, Laguna Hills (near Laguna Woods Village)
  • Saturday, August 13 from 11 AM to 2 PM – Near Hof’s Hut at the Los Alamitos/Seal Beach border at the Shops at Rossmoor
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  1. I am thinking only of a sense of honor, not creating a fan base. I personally financially prospered with Trump; suppose my integrity over rides my personal benefit. Think about intention, Trump thinks he needs to protect himself by keeping records…because he has sketchy behavior. HIs best friend is Roger Stone? There are many Republican Leaders who can step up and have similar Republican policies that I value. Trump has a way of making his fans feel, he is the only one, the Prophet. The FBI is welcomed into my home anytime, I have nothing to hide. I appreciate their public service and the sacrifices made by their families. Recall, Trump is the President of Law and Order? (I like that ideal) How did he end up on the wrong side of Law and Order? By playing games with the law, a long history of playing games with IRS, American Banks, etc. Why does his business only use foreign banks now? Deutsche Bank (German), Trump’s bank, has private Russian investors who finance his building enterprises.
    Anyway, get your facts straight before signing a petition or attending a protest.

    1. Well said. Trump is no patriot, cozies up to Russia and is a crook. The government worked with his lawyers for months trying to get back those records (which were classified and as a private citizen he had no business having) and it was only after they constantly lied about the records was the subpoena served. Trump had had the subpoena for months. He chose to publicize this matter which is why Garland called his bluff and filed a motion to release the subpoena to the public. I dont care about how financially one prospered under Trump, he caused the insurrection at the Capital. He is no patriot and hopefully gets what he finally deserved. Keep inind it was someone from his inner circle that dropped a dime on him. Told the FBI exactly where to find the records and to check the safe.

  2. As the old adage says, “where there is smoke there is fire”. Use common sense, what you see is real, Trump plays games. Common sense folks don’t play around with legal entities or you’ll be taken down. Why is Trump pursued by so many entities? Because he has a decades long history in business of manipulating, using others, and gaming the system. He admits gaming the system in his speeches! Why does a privileged man use games, fear and groom regular citizens to become a fan base? Was he ever really the President of Law and Order? He would NEVER invite his fan base as guests to Mar-a-Lagro, he does not have anything in common with his fans, other than love of Trump. I appreciate knowing American leadership is held to absolute legal standards and a sense of honor. I am Republican. I would never attend a protest until all the facts are known. Many citizens “protesting” on January 6th now regret their involvement as they were not supported by Trump and succumbed to his manipulative rhetoric. In this case, all the facts are unknown to the public. Question to those of you at protest who have critical thinking: Does he REALLY” love” you all? His fans? Or does he need to be admired so much and love only himself? I am a patriot, American, Republican, own legal guns and hang a flag at my house. Trump and his fans don’t OWN the constitution, the American flag, the privilege of owning firearms, nor the designation of patriot. Release the documents yourself, Mr. Trump, NOW, so protestors will know the entire story before getting involved in blindly supporting you once again.

    1. Get your priorities straight—DJT is the ONLY person strong enough and patriotic enough to get us out of the catastrophic mess we’re in now. Can you name one elected Democrat who lost money since their election? Can you deny that Trump led us to prosperity and the most peace this world has seen for quite a while? NEVER would Biden’s Afghanistan debacle have occurred during a Trump administration!
      Unite with Republicans….and now many Democrats and Independents to elect Trump in a landslide in 2024 (hopefully we can hold out until then!!)

      1. DJT, THE “Patriot” games the American Banking and Loan system to such a degree that DJT businesses can’t get a loan for his real estate enterprises from an American Bank. You and I pay for his past fake bankruptcies and IRS maneuvers. Now, Trump Company can only use Deutsche Bank (German) who has a special devision for Russian Billionaires who invest in Trump Real Estate Developments.
        Yes, sure he is a Patriot?! Why not invest in the American Banking system? Why not obtain American Investors?
        I am a patriot with integrity. FBI is welcome in my home and I will serve them coffee, because I am not paranoid.

      2. My priorities are integrity and honor, then policy. I benefited from Trump policies, but my conscience got the better of me and I can not excuse his manipulative, borderline white color criminal behavior.
        Why is Trump not allowed to take American Bank Loans? Because he participated in fake bankruptcy and manipulated the IRS laws (as a privileged man) and it cost all regular folks. Now he does business with Deutsche Bank and their private Russian investors. Yes, he is TRUE PATRIOT! Hmmm….doing business with private Russian Billionaires. I am a Republican with Honor and Integrity, maybe not Republican any longer….but definitely not Democratic. Republicans are lost because of Trump. Trumpies are just a spin off group of Republican.

  3. Every American who believes in the U.S. Constitution should be very upset about the FBI raid of a former President’s home. I am not a Donald Trump fan but voted for him because I knew Joe Biden would be worse. Biden has proven to be an utter failure. I never thought things could get this bad. I wanted someone else to be the Republican nominee in 2024. But after the FBI raid, I think Trump has to be the Republican nominee. I will try to stop by at the local rally.

    1. You are a Donald Trump fan. Who else but a fan would vote for a criminal yet profess adherence to the U.S. Constitution. Anyone with a security clearance knows how bad this situation is even before hearing the documents may be about nuclear weapons. Waiting for Trump to say he had these documents to study for his next term in office. He is now on track for a jail term.

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