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The Story of Anaheim’s Very Own Magic Kingdom: A Middle Schooler’s Perspective

As a student in the Anaheim community, Disneyland is huge. Most people know the name of Anaheim because of Disneyland. It brings in a lot of people year-round, so I think it is good to understand its start and how it affects Anaheim.

Even though Disneyland opened officially in 1955, the idea started way back in the 1940s. At this point, Walt Disney Studios had already become famous for characters like Pinnochio, Snow White, and of course Mickey Mouse. As the leading studio for animated films, fans wanted to visit the studios. Walt Disney wanted to create an experience for these fans. He set his mind to build a magical place where children can enjoy.

Walt Disney wanted his park to be different from other amusement parks at the time. He didn’t want his park to be cheap or small. So, he needed a massive area to build. They found a space in Anaheim. At that time, it was an orchard for orange trees. On July 17, 1955, a year after the start of construction, Disneyland opened. Since then, it has attracted more and more visitors to the Anaheim area and featured more and more attractions.

Being a resident of Anaheim, I have felt the growth of Disneyland change my community. Most importantly, more jobs are available for Anaheim residents. I know many people who have found work at Disneyland. It gives a lot of people jobs, and has helped build the city of Anaheim.

Before Disneyland opened in 1955, Anaheim was small and full of farms. Now, it is a huge city.

Many people see Disneyland as just a fun place to visit on vacation. While it is a fun place to go, from its beginnings, Disneyland has continued to shape my city.

This article was written by Jonathan, a participant in the Kids, Published program at theDragon Kim Foundation.