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Adventure City: A pint-sized place for family fun: A Middle Schooler’s Perspective

Adventure City is a very small amusement park in Anaheim. Even though many people don’t know much about it, my experience there was really something to talk about.

To describe the park, it is very tiny. It doesn’t have many rides, and only a few actual roller coasters. The roller coasters are good for kids like me. However, the other rides are probably better for smaller kids as they are slow and could be kind of boring.

A ride you must try is Drop Zone. It is probably the tallest ride at the park, so it is very easy to spot. It may not seem that tall, but when you are rising up, the drop seems to look higher and higher. At the very top it is extremely scary, and everybody was screaming for their lives.

One of my friends even started crying! I would definitely go again, so if you like excitement and thrill, check-out Drop Zone.

For lunch, we all ate their pizza. I really liked it, but some people didn’t. After, we visited the fog machine, and played for a bit in the fog. We tried to do all of the rides, but we didn’t have a lot of time, so we couldn’t do everything.

Overall, Adventure City is a small, but fun amusement park for kids like me. I would recommend going as a family for a day. I know I would go again!

This article was written by Michelle, a participant in the Kids, Published program at theDragon Kim Foundation.