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Nine candidates running for three seats on Cypress City Council

Two Cypress City Council Members are not running in November 2022 — Mayor Pro Tem Anne Hertz-Mallari and Council Member Frances Marquez.

One incumbent Council Member is running for re-election — Scott Minikus, who was appointed to fill the vacancy when Stacy Berry resigned.

Two incumbent Council Members are termed out — Mayor Paulo Morales and Council Member Jon Peat.

Eight other candidates plus Scott Minikus have filed their intention to run with Cypress City Clerk Alisha Farnell:

  • Burke, David – Form 501 received June 10 (date hard to read)
    Mr. Burke has actively followed the controversies surrounding Council Member Marquez, and spoken at Council meetings
  • Chung, Norman – Form 501 received August 12
  • Hayashida, Carrie – Form 501 received August 11
    Ms. Hayashida ran in the 2020 election and received the most votes after the actual winners, Anne Hertz-Mallari and Frances Marquez. She asserted a right to be appointed to the vacant seat on the strength of that election showing.
  • Le, Helen – Form 501 received August 9
  • McGeorge, Barry – Form 501 received August 12
  • Miller, Terry – Form 501 received March 28
  • Minikus, Scott – Form 501 received May 20
    Mr. Minikus is incumbent
  • Peat, Bonnie – Form 501 received July 9 (date hard to read)
    Ms. Peat is the current Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Cypress School District. She is not running for re-election to the School District Board, which leaves that seat open. Note that the School District and the City are entirely separate entities.
  • Strong, Rachel – Form 501 received August 12
    Ms. Strong ran in the 2020 election, but came in behind the actual winners, Anne Hertz-Mallari and Frances Marquez.

Both the Cypress Woman’s Club and the Cypress Chamber of Commerce are planning to hold Council candidate forums. The Chamber’s candidate forum will be in late September.

Orange County Breeze encourages all the candidates to submit a candidate statement for consideration for publication here at oc-breeze.com by sending the statement in pdf or Word format to [email protected] Photos are welcome.

Update: Qualified candidate list from the Cypress City Clerk

We received the following updated shorter list of candidates from Cypress City Clerk Alisha Farnell qualified by the Orange County Registrar of Voters:

Update: Woman’s Club of Cypress candidate forum

According to the Woman’s Club of Cypress:

The candidate forum will be on Thursday, October 13th @ 9 am via ZOOM. This will be for the Woman’s Club of Cypress members and all Cypress City Council candidates will be invited to participate. In the 2020 election, we recorded the session and can share with a broader audience. We would plan to do the same this time.


  1. David Burke, it’s nice that you got your friends to post letters for you. What I want to know is: are you a Republican or Democrat? Yes, the city council is supposedly non-partisan but that is a lot of BS. Everything today is partisan. I want to know if you are going to side with Marxist-leaning Marquez or the remaining fiscal conservatives. Thank you.

    1. “Marxist-leaning … or the remaining fiscal conservatives” Ha! If you study economics and/or read Adam Smith, you see that this tendency for elite rule over citizenry is an old game. It’s not Marxist to expect more from your expensive government. Half our city budget goes to police. Our Trash hauler got excused from an agreement then raised our fees 30%. Your “fiscal conservative” council members just took out $30,000,000.00 in loans to build duplicate, redundant sports arenas in direct competition with our schools fields because that’s what they coach and they can’t figure out how to work with the district. But our schools are being closed and sold to pay for new executive offices for the board. And our school fields are dilapidated or non-existent and with the expensive new fields, they will remain underutilized and under funded! This is a catastrophic lack of management and vision and will cost us our schools. Fiscally conservative; what a joke!

      1. I have no skin in the game, but I also wanted to add that the “fiscally conservstives” signed themselves up for two incredibly expensive lawsuits that the tax payers will be paying back for years to come.

        This reckless spending is something I’m astonished by quite frankly.

        1. When the invoices arrive for attorney fees for responding to at least two lawsuits, then the budget cuts will happen and at least two people responsible for this waste will not be on the city council. “Buffoon Conservatives is a better description.

  2. I have gotten to know David Burke this past year and he will be an asset to the Cypress City Council. He advocates for smart campaign finance reform and responsible, responsive government. He is educated in law and functions at an executive level. He seems to be able to avoid the recent chaos in our council; but when he chimes in, it’s to add to the solution. And, he seems genuinely interested in what I have to say; so that’s always good;

  3. It’s encouraging to see new voices running.

    I’ve listened to David Burke speak and he’s a refreshing new voice. Smart, ethical, and willing to listen to the concerns of the community and encourage transparency in government. Thus far, he’s the only candidate that has asked for my vote.

    I look forward to learning about everyone’s platform!

  4. Thank you for sharing this information Shelley! I also think it’s important for residents to know that I have spoken out many times in favor of greater transparency from our city council, and for measures to protect our city from undue influence by special interests like developers and trash haulers. The nonprofit I founded–Citizens Take Action–focuses on those very topics.

    I’m excited that the campaign is under way and I encourage residents to reach out to me so we can discuss the important issues in this upcoming election.

    1. Oh dear, Mr. Burke, it’s embarrassing that someone running for Cypress City is clearly so uninformed as evidenced by your comments! Those also responding in support of you are equally uninformed. Or, perhaps, prevarications are your area of expertise! Cypress citizens are wiser than you hope and not easily fooled by political leftist rhetoric or to quote another remark, “Marxist-leaning” agenda. I’ve also listened to you speak via “zoom”…non sense and soporific. It would behoove you to study our Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Don’t embarrass yourself further.

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