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Letter to the Editor: We need transparent leaders who address our needs

Dear Editor,

I’m a devoted voter and someone who cares about California’s politics deeply.

Malia Cohen’s refusal to debate fellow state Controller candidate Lanhee Chen tells you all you need to know about her.

In the world’s oldest democracy, we value leaders who can stand up for their ideas, who can be transparent and who can take the concerns of voters seriously. Lanhee Chen is willing to do all of these things in a public forum: to defend his plans for the Controller’s office, to let voters hear his ideas and address the needs of all citizens in this great state.

Ms. Cohen would rather cower behind extraneous political attacks on her Twitter page. She is unwilling to give her time to speak to all Californians, address our needs and show initiative for the office of Controller. If she is unable to be a transparent leader now, I can’t imagine she would act any differently in office.


Drew Smith